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There has been some speculation recently regarding the appearance of mysterious “Plain White Box” Action Figures that have been passed off as either Cyber-Hobby or Dragon releases. Dragon would like to officially inform our loyal customers that these “Plain White Box With No Item Image” items are NOT Dragon / Cyber-Hobby items and are COUNTERFEIT items disguised to appear as originals.

Dragon employs an extremely secure system in our factories to ensure that no unsanctioned products leak out into the market. Recent inspections by our Quality Control Officials have confirmed that this still holds true. Additionally, Dragon does not allow 3rd parties access to our designs and moulds. Thus, these counterfeit items are neither items that have been leaked out from our factories, nor are they manufactured by anyone affiliated with Dragon.

From our own in-house inspection, the quality and accuracy of these counterfeit items are inferior to the original Dragon products. Online sellers of such items purposely utilize a very general picture of the counterfeit product to hide this fact. Additionally, since these items are inferior counterfeits, Dragon Care will not be providing customer service for these items.

Dragon will take all necessary procedures to ensure the integrity of our products for our customers, as well as the integrity of the Dragon brand. We urge you to not support these counterfeit items, and to report any suspicious activity to us.

Thank you for your continued support in our products.